Jony Ive Is Finding His Stride, Kantar Points to Continued iPhone Momentum in August, Thursday Q&A (Project Titan vs. GM and Uber)

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Jony Ive Is Finding His Stride
  • Kantar Points to Continued iPhone Momentum in August
  • Thursday Q&A: With Project Titan, is Apple looking to disrupt GM or Uber? 

We kick off today's email by looking at Jony Ive's talk at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit where he talked about lessons learned from Steve Jobs and his new role at Apple. We were able to get a few new ideas as to how Jony thinks about products and why his promotion may turn out to be one of the bigger improvements in his career. We then shift over to the latest Kantar smartphone report and dig through all of the numbers and percentages to see how the iPhone performed over the summer. We conclude with Thursday Q&A, which asks if Project Titan will ultimately disrupt auto manufacturers like GM or network companies like Uber. 

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