Apple's Stock Buyback Program Primer

Today's Daily Update is all about Apple's stock buyback. The email is broken into seven parts with the beginning dedicated much more to talking about share buyback in general terms, and then the ending focusing on Apple's stock buyback. With $194 billion of cash, cash equivalents, and marketable securities on the balance sheet, Apple's stock buyback program is very important, and this email is meant to be used as a primer to become familiar with Apple's share buyback. 

The seven "chapters":

  1. What is Stock Buyback?
  2. Why Does a Company Buy Back Shares?
  3. Clues Found in Buyback Programs
  4. The Two Ways Apple Buys Back Stock
  5. Stock Buyback Disclosure
  6. Everything There is to Know About Apple's Stock Buyback
  7. My View on Apple's Stock Buyback

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