Today's Above Avalon stories: 

All about the WWDC keynote. The discussion is divided into three parts: 

  1. OS X and iOS 9
  2. watchOS 2
  3. Apple Music

At the end, I've included my more granular notes from the event. There is a lot to go over, and there are other subtopics that I hope to cover in subsequent days.

WWDC Summary. Apple continues to play to its strengths, which is not surprising given that both OS X and iOS are currently at their strongest in terms of user numbers and vitality. With a WWDC keynote titled "The epicenter of change," Apple is positioning iOS as a clear alternative to Android, emphasizing a new and different way of thinking about what makes a great user experience in mobile. Apple is not just doubling down on apps, but also looking to diminish its dependence on Google. Siri was given additional capabilities as a personal assistant in order to move us past traditional web search and begin to use data found on our iPhone in more creative ways. Apple Music is Apple's answer to get back in the streaming music game and while the product looks right, the pricing strategy for paid streaming does not guarantee an instant home run just yet against free alternatives. Overall, it was a strong WWDC, and Apple is well-positioned for new hardware announcements this fall. 

(the entire note is 3,500 words)

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