Apple Earnings Preview Part One - Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Establishing Quarterly Apple Watch Sales Estimate - Even though Apple will lump in Apple Watch revenue with Other Products, there will be ways of reaching Apple Watch unit sales estimate. After discussing Apple Watch supply/demand, I provide an easy cheat sheet to convert Other Products revenue to Apple Watch sales estimate.
  • Setting Quarterly Mac Sales Expectations - The Mac continues to take share in a category that is struggling. We discuss Gartner/IDC reports and how they have matched up with actual Mac shipments and what the latest reports may point to for the latest Mac sales. 
  • iPad Sales Continue to Look Weak - We discuss the iPad line and where things may be headed from here. 

We kick off today's email by going over my thoughts on Apple Watch sales estimates for the quarter. I included a "cheat sheet" to easily distinguish Apple Watch sales from the Other Product revenue line item that Apple will report next week. We next shift over to the Mac category, in which all signs point to continued solid sales momentum this past quarter. We conclude with the iPad and a few reasons why sales will continue to be on the weak side. You will find that much of the discussion today involves the products themselves, which I think is more useful than strictly talking dollars and cents given the iPhone's oversized impact on Apple's earnings.

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