The Wild Ride on Wall Street, Beme and the iPhone Ecosystem, Apple Music - A Few Thoughts Three Weeks In

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • The Wild Ride on Wall Street - We take a closer look at what drove such strong price performance in not only GOOG and NFLX following earnings, but the entire tech landscape last week. Do last week's stock price moves shed any light on Apple's upcoming earnings report on Tuesday and possible Wall Street reaction?
  • Beme and the iPhone Ecosystem - There is much to think about with Casey Neistat's new company and app called Beme, which launched this past Friday. The app is increasingly shaping up to be a useful litmus test for the App Store and iPhone ecosystem. 
  • Apple Music - A Few Thoughts Three Weeks In - A quick update on how I am using Apple Music and what it may suggest about the music service.

Today, we kick things off by circling back to the wild ride on Wall Street last week, including Google and Netflix's earnings. There are lessons included in each report that can be used to better understand how Wall Street looks at Apple earnings and how to think about post-earnings stock reactions. Next, we discuss Beme, one of the more high-profile iOS app launches in a while and how I am using the app as a litmus test for a number of different things dealing with the App Store and larger iPhone ecosystem. We conclude with a few words on my Apple Music usage three weeks in. 

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