Apple Music's Problem, Apple Watch Coming to Best Buy, I Saw My First Apple Watch in the Wild

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Apple Music's ProblemWe take a closer look at iTunes Match, Apple Music, and what may be causing so many issues for some users. There may be factors outside of Apple's control at play.  
  • Apple Watch Coming to Best Buy We discuss two much bigger Apple Watch stories at play with news that Best Buy will sell Apple Watch.  
  • I Saw My First Apple Watch in the WildIt took 92 days, but I finally saw someone else wearing an Apple Watch. I had a few comments on the observation and what it says about the Watch. 

In today's email, we tackle what may be causing most of the problems with Apple Music that has led some long-time fans to lose faith in the service so quickly. Next, we switch over to news that Best Buy will begin selling Apple Watch next week. We conclude with a few words on me seeing my first Apple Watch in the wild over the weekend and how I'm thinking about the next phase of Apple Watch marketing.

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