App Store Economics, Empty Apple Watch Tables, Samsung Preannounces Weak Earnings

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • App Store Economics: Troubled Indie Business Models - We take a closer look at Brent Simmons' piece about the App Store becoming an environment in which it is too difficult for indie artists to compete. I use a real-world example of a funded app company to show what is really happening in the iOS ecosystem. 
  • Empty Apple Watch Tables in Apple Stores - I continue to have people tell me that they are surprised with the lack of people around Apple Watch tables. Is this something to be concerned about? What is going on?
  • Samsung Preannounces Weak Earnings - Samsung's issues may be deeper than just market dynamics.

We kick things off by diving into the topic of App Store economics and the recent string of posts from iOS developers, beginning with Brent Simmons, that look at the App Store environment and conclude the indie app business model is in big trouble. We then shift over to one topic that has been on my mind lately concerning empty Apple Watch tables in Apple retail stores. We conclude with a quick overview of Samsung's earnings preannouncement. 

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