A New Playbook for Updating Apple Watch, Apple Hires Top VR Researcher, Project Titan at a "Crossroads"

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • A New Playbook for Updating Apple Watch
  • Apple Hires Top VR Researcher
  • Project Titan at a "Crossroads"

We kick off today's email by discussing the Apple Watch update schedule. Instead of assuming Apple Watch will follow the similar annual update schedule seen with the iPhone, we go over why a different kind of schedule makes more sense. Apple Watch is a unique device and we look at how the way it is updated will likely be just as unique. We then shift to news of Apple hiring Doug Bowman, a leading VR researcher. What do all of these recent hires suggest about Apple's interest in AR and VR? We conclude with a few words on AppleInsider's report saying Project Titan is at a "crossroads."

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