Calling an iPhone Timeout, Thursday Q&A

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Calling an iPhone Timeout
  • Thursday Q&A (How does China devaluing the yuan impact Apple?, Am I surprised there were no Apple leaks during CES?, Why doesn't Apple comment on iPhone supply chain rumors?, Why haven't I talked about the new Star Wars movie considering its tech implications?)

Global markets are in turmoil reacting to The People's Bank Of China devaluing the yuan once again. The Chinese stock market closed after only 30 minutes of trading with the index falling 7%. AAPL looks to open around $98. In today's email, we take an iPhone timeout. People are no longer just concerned about iPhone 6s sales or 2Q numbers. Something has changed. We discuss why there is an iPhone "fire drill" taking place and why I want to call a timeout. We then look at the questions that actually matter when thinking about the iPhone and why this current phase will eventually pass. We conclude with Thursday Q&A. 

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