AAPL 4Q16 Earnings Preview (iPhone and Guidance), Tesla's Autonomous/Ridesharing Strategy

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • AAPL 4Q16 Earnings Preview (Part 3 - iPhone)
  • AAPL 4Q16 Earnings Preview (Part 4 - Guidance)
  • Tesla's Autonomous/Ridesharing Strategy

We begin today's email with the second half of my AAPL 4Q16 earnings preview. (The first half is available here.) We discuss my thoughts on iPhone sales expectations heading into next week's earnings report. The email then turns to mangement's 1Q17 guidance. We discuss the most likely revenue guidance ranges, as well as how Wall Street will react to each range. The email concludes with a deep dive into Tesla's new product announcement related to autonomous driving. There is a lot to discuss, including a very interesting clue about how Tesla plans to launch its own ridesharing network. We also bring Apple's Project Titan into the discussion to see where Apple's best opportunity to add something new to the mix can be found. 

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