Jony Ive on the New MacBook Pro, Jony's Absence at the Mac Keynote, Thoughts on Mac Criticism

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Jony Ive on the New MacBook Pro
  • Jony's Absence at the Mac Keynote
  • Thoughts on Mac Criticism

We begin today's email by discussing Jony Ive's interview with CNET regarding the new MacBook Pro. We go over Apple's goal with the Touch Bar, the ingredients that came together to create the Touch Bar, and the prospects of an iPad/Mac hybrid. The email then turns to Jony's absence at last week's keynote, which is becoming a trend. Is there anything to read into regarding his keynote absences? We conclude with my thoughts on the significant amount of MacBook Pro criticism. Upon closer examination, I don't think the criticism is just about the new MacBook Pro. It's much more. 

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