The Electric Car Ownership Head Fake, McLaren Confirms Talks with Apple, Odds of Apple/Tesla Partnership are Increasing

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • The Electric Car Ownership Head Fake
  • McLaren Confirms Talks with Apple
  • Odds of Apple/Tesla Partnership are Increasing

We begin today's email by expanding on the discussion kicked off in my article last week, "Skating to the Apple Car Puck." We go into greater detail on why I think there will be an electric car ownership head fake. The future of transportation is increasingly looking like a shared model. The email then turns to McLaren confirming it was in talks with Apple. We break down the latest news of a major McLaren management shakeup, with a focus on what it may mean for Apple. The email concludes with my thoughts on how Tesla's SolarCity acquisition will impact the probabilities of Tesla being an acquisition target for Apple. We also go over why the probability of Apple partnering with Tesla in the future has increased following Tesla's SolarCity deal. 

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