Signs of iPhone Sales Benefiting from Samsung Recall, iPhone Trends in China Remain Weak, Thursday Q&A

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Signs of iPhone Sales Benefiting from Samsung Recall
  • iPhone Trends in China Remain Weak
  • Thursday Q&A

We begin today's email with a closer look at smartphone data for the month of October. Specifically, we take a deep dive into U.S. and China results. There is evidence of the iPhone benefiting from fallout related to the Samsung Note 7 recall. We go over my thoughts and observations on the latest data trends. The email also covers the latest iPhone trends in China, which tells a very different story compared to the U.S. We end the email with the latest installment of member Q&A, and I answer the following questions from Above Avalon members: 

  • Is there any new data regarding Apple Watch band sales? How about Hermès bands? 
  • Should Apple sell Spectacles in their stores?

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