Tesla Earnings, The iPhone Reality Distortion Field (additional thoughts), Thursday Q&A

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Tesla Earnings
  • The iPhone Reality Distortion Field (additional thoughts)
  • Thursday Q&A

We kick off today's email by analyzing Tesla's 4Q15 earnings. Specifically, we discuss Tesla's results from the perspective of Apple. What can Apple management learn from Tesla's performance? It is becoming clear that Tesla's honeymoon period is over. We look at what Tesla is doing right and what Tesla is doing wrong, including why there are growing concerns surrounding the company. We then discuss the background to the "iPhone Reality Distortion Field" post, including the Apple product that got me to rethink the definition of success. At the end of the update, we go over Thursday Q&A and the following question:  Is Apple bidding for sports programming rights in order to have better leverage against content providers?

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