Tim and Jony in Vogue, Decoding Apple's Interest in Cars, Thursday Q&A

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Tim and Jony in Vogue
  • Decoding Apple's Interest in Cars
  • Thursday Q&A  

We begin today's email by discussing the Tim Cook and Jony Ive interview in Vogue. We go over why design matters so much to Apple and Jony's latest comments about Apple Watch and wearables. Jony (and Marc Newson) continue to make strong public statements concerning wearables and personal technology. We then take a deep-dive into one specific part of my "Standing on Tesla's Shoulders" post concerning the fundamental reason Apple is interested in the automobile industry and the way Apple will look to add chaos to the industry. We conclude with Thursday Q&A. This week's question: What do I think of Quartz's new iPhone app?

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