iPhone SE Opening Weekend Sales Estimate, Growing Backlash Against Apple's India Plans, Turmoil at Disney

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • iPhone SE Opening Weekend Sales Estimate
  • Growing Backlash Against Apple's India Plans
  • Turmoil at Disney

Today's email begins with estimating iPhone SE opening weekend sales and comparing this total to overall iPhone sales. Proper perspective is needed when viewing Apple's intended market for the iPhone SE. We then turn to an update regarding Apple's iPhone plans for India. There is growing backlash over Apple's request to import and sell used iPhones in India. We go over the latest development and discuss why there is growing backlash against Apple from the leading smartphone brands in India.

The email concludes with a look at Disney's big announcement that Disney COO Thomas Staggs, heir apparent to CEO Bob Iger, is leaving the company. Disney and Apple have a relationship involving content and it is important to track where Disney may be headed given what appears to be growing executive turmoil. 

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