Didi Acquires UberChina, The Anti-Uber Alliance Is Over, QNX Founder Joins Project Titan

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Didi Acquires UberChina
  • The Anti-Uber Alliance Is Over
  • QNX Founder Joins Project Titan

Today's email has a car theme. We kick off with major news from the ridesharing industry. Didi is acquiring UberChina. We go over the near-term and long-term implications of the deal and what it means for Apple. The email then shifts to why this deal spells the end of the anti-Uber alliance as the entire ridesharing industry has been turned upside down. We then discuss the recent Bloomberg article containing a few Project Titan scoops. After going over a brief history of QNX and Project Titan's existing connection with QNX/Blackberry, we discuss my perspective and thoughts on why Apple hired QNX founder Dan Dodge and what it means for Apple's broader goals with Project Titan.

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