Apple Ends Opening Weekend iPhone Sales Disclosure, iPhone Upgrade Program Turmoil, A Black Eye for "Apple as a Service"

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Apple Ends Opening Weekend iPhone Sales Disclosure
  • iPhone Upgrade Program Turmoil
  • A Black Eye for "Apple as a Service"

We kick off today's update with a closer look at Apple's announcement that it will no longer disclose opening weekend iPhone sales. We take a deep dive into this long-standing tradition including what opening weekend iPhone sales reflected and why they were actually useful for Apple investors. I also share the reasoning behind Apple's move to end the disclosure practice. The update then shifts to the iPhone Upgrade Program and what is turning into a big problem for Apple. The company was hit with a class action lawsuit yesterday regarding the iPhone Upgrade Program. I discuss my experience with the Upgrade Program, the problems seen with preordering the iPhone 7 Plus, and also the changes that are needed. We conclude with why the iPhone Upgrade Program is giving the "Apple as a Service" theory a big black eye.

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