The Logic Behind Apple Owning Content, Mac Sales Mix Estimate, China Concerned About Foxconn's iPhone Plans

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • The Logic Behind Apple Owning Content
  • Mac Sales Mix Estimate
  • China Concerned About Foxconn's iPhone Plans

We begin today's email with my thoughts and observations on Apple owning content. Specifically, we discuss the logic behind Apple video content being made available on Android, and how such a move makes sense for Apple. We also discuss why it is important for Apple to own content and be more than just a distributor. The discussion then turns to the Mac and my estimate for the current Mac sales mix by model (Mac portables vs. iMac vs. Mac Pro/Mac Mini). The email concludes with a few observations related to news that China is concerned about Foxconn possibly moving some of its iPhone production to the U.S.   

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