Deriving 1Q17 Apple Watch Sales, Jimmy Iovine Talks Apple Content Strategy, Apple Poaches Amazon Fire TV Head

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Deriving 1Q17 Apple Watch Sales
  • Jimmy Iovine Talks Apple Content Strategy
  • Apple Poaches Amazon Fire TV Head

We begin today's email by taking a deep dive into how I derive Apple Watch revenue and unit sales from Apple's 1Q17 financial results. We go over my complete methodology, including all of the various assumptions and estimates that go into the exercise. The discussion turns to a few stress case scenarios in order to reach the floor/ceiling for 1Q17 Apple Watch unit sales. The email then turns to Jimmy Iovine discussing Apple's broader content strategy. This is no longer just about music. We conclude with a closer look at news of Apple poaching the former head of Amazon Fire TV. We go over three key observations that I had regarding the news. 

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