Mobile World Congress Was Irrelevant, Tech Trade Shows Are an Endangered Species, Didi Opens R&D Lab in U.S.

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Mobile World Congress Was Irrelevant
  • Tech Trade Shows Are an Endangered Species
  • Didi Opens R&D Lab in U.S.

We begin today's email with my thoughts and observations on this year's Mobile World Congress (MWC), the biggest tech trade show focused on mobile. This year's MWC felt different. We look at what the conference told me about the changing smartphone landscape. The discussion then turns to why I think consumer tech trade shows are an endangered species given where the industry is headed. The email concludes with news of Didi opening a new R&D center in the U.S. We look at the most likely use for the center and what it means for the broader race to make autonomous cars. There has been a change in perception recently when it comes to Silicon Valley and autonomous driving. 

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