Apple Continues GPU Talent Hiring Spree, Apple's Path Forward Without Imagination, Touch Bar Getting Bad Rap

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Apple Continues GPU Talent Hiring Spree
  • Apple's Path Forward Without Imagination
  • Touch Bar Getting Bad Rap

We kick off today's email with my thoughts on Apple looking to hire additional GPU talent in London. The topic adds a new chapter to the Apple/Imagination Technologies story regarding Apple's GPU ambitions. The discussion then turns to how Apple may be able to come up with its own GPU without using Imagination's intellectual property. This would certainly change the current debate in the marketplace over Apple's long-term relationship with Imagination. The email concludes with my thoughts on Touch Bar criticism. This Mac feature continues to get a bad rap from some Mac users. Touch Bar backlash is now being positioned by some as a reason for Apple to change its Mac strategy. We take a closer look at the claim and why Apple introduced Touch Bar. 

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