Samsung Is Being Graded on a Curve, Being Different in Tech Is Overrated, Thursday Q&A 

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Samsung Is Being Graded on a Curve
  • Being Different in Tech Is Overrated
  • Thursday Q&A

We begin today's email with my thoughts on how Samsung is being graded on a curve. We use the Samsung Galaxy S8 as an example to reveal what is a growing problem within the tech community. The discussion then turns to the difference between being different versus better in technology. Apple's "Think Different" motto has ended up being grossly misinterpreted. We end the email with the latest installment of member Q&A, and I answer the following questions from Above Avalon members: 

  • What are some business models for Apple in cars?
  • How much would an Apple Car cost?
  • Where does the Apple/Qualcomm battle go from here?

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