Apple Invests in Corning, Garmin 1Q17 Wearables Sales

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Apple Invests in Corning
  • Garmin 1Q17 Wearables Sales

We begin today's email with my thoughts on Apple investing $200M in Corning. We discuss Apple's history with Corning and why Apple is investing in the company. We also go over the Apple/Corning press conference from last week, in which Apple COO Jeff Williams spoke. There were a number of takeaways from the event. The email then turns to Garmin's 1Q17 earnings. In what may come as a surprise to most people, Garmin has become a leading wearables company. We go over the company's financials in order to derive Garmin wrist wearables sales for 1Q17. We then go over a few reasons why I think Garmin and Fossil are similar to each other when it comes to competing against Apple Watch in the wearables space.

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