Apple Watch Outsells Fitbit, Fitbit Begins a Pivot, Apple Watch's Health and Fitness Detour

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Apple Watch Outsells Fitbit
  • Fitbit Begins a Pivot
  • Apple Watch's Health and Fitness Detour

We begin today's email with my thoughts on Apple Watch outselling Fitbit for the first time last quarter. After going over the sales numbers, we discuss the dramatic momentum shift in the wrist wearables space. The email then takes a closer look at Fitbit's 1Q17 earnings and the company's plan to pivot into new businesses. Fitbit no longer just wants to sell dedicated health and fitness trackers. We go over what Fitbit intends to focus on going forward and whether the company has found a viable path. The discussion concludes with a closer look at how Apple put the Apple Watch on a health and fitness detour to better compete with Fitbit. With Fitbit now imploding, there are implications as to what may happen to Apple Watch's health and fitness detour going forward. 

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