HomePod and Augmented Hearing, The Smart Home Is Wide Open, Google Poaches Apple SoC Architect

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • HomePod and Augmented Hearing
  • The Smart Home Is Wide Open
  • Google Poaches Apple SoC Architect

We kick off today's email by continuing the discussion kicked off in my latest weekly article, "HomePod." In particular, we go over how HomePod ends up being a great example of where the technology world is headed. The discussion then turns to an extensive survey published by Morning Consult regarding smart voice assistants in the home. We go over why I remain skeptical about surveys and how this particular survey ends up showing that the "smart home" war hasn't even begun. The email concludes with my thoughts on news of Google poaching an Apple SoC architect in order to build chips powering its Pixel smartphones.

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