Gauging Apple's Share Buyback Effectiveness, Netflix 2Q17 Earnings, Content's Value in Silicon Valley 

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Gauging Apple's Share Buyback Effectiveness
  • Netflix 2Q17 Earnings
  • Content's Value in Silicon Valley

We kick off today's email by going deeper into the discussion found in this week's Above Avalon article ("Wall Street Has Begun to Think About Apple In a New Way"). We gauge how effective Apple's share buyback program has been since the company began buying back shares in FY2013. The email then turns to my thoughts and observations on Netflix's 2Q17 earnings. The discussion concludes with a closer look at a recent article by Benedict Evan about music and video content's value to Silicon Valley firms. After reading his article, it would be natural to scratch your head and ask why Apple is even bothering with its own original content. However, there is a reason for Apple's interest in the space not mentioned in Evan's post. We also go over a key aspect of the paid streaming market not mentioned in the article.

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