Apple 3Q17 Earnings Preview (4Q17 Guidance Discussion), Estimating Microsoft Surface Sales, The Rock Sells Siri

Today's Above Avalon email includes the following stories: 

  • Apple 3Q17 Earnings Preview (4Q17 Guidance Discussion)
  • Estimating Microsoft Surface Sales
  • The Rock Sells Siri

Today's email concludes my Apple 3Q17 earnings preview. (The first two parts of the preview are available here and here.) We go over my thoughts on Apple's 4Q17 guidance. The discussion includes my rationale for taking a conservative stance regarding timing around the upcoming iPhone keynote. The keynote's timing has significant implications on Apple's 4Q17 revenue guidance. The email then turns to estimating Microsoft Surface unit sales during CY2Q17. We conclude with a closer look at Apple's new Siri ad with The Rock. There were six items that jumped out at me about the ad and The Rock's partnership with Apple. 

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