Connecting the Apple Dots (Continued), Apple Watch and Redefining Watches, Thursday Q&A

Today's Above Avalon daily update includes the following topics: 

  • Connecting the Apple Dots (Continued)

  • Apple Watch and Redefining Watches 

  • Thursday Q&A

We begin today's email with my recent weekly article, "Connecting the Apple Dots." In particular, we discuss the Grand Unified Theory of Apple Products and my installed base projections. We then discuss Apple Watch Series 4 and my theory that one’s existing view of watches plays a major role in how the Apple Watch is perceived. We conclude with an installment of Q&A. I answer the following questions from Above Avalon members:

  • Who is buying the iPhone XS at $999 when you can buy an iPhone XR for $250 less?

  • Why is the iPhone XR larger than the iPhone XS in terms of screen size?

  • Do I think Apple is targeting the XR for the most sales, with extra profit margin in the XS and XS Max?

  • What are my predictions for marquee features / design updates for next year’s Apple Watch and iPhone?

  • Was there anything announced at Apple’s product event that made you want to change your Apple sales estimates?

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