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Payment is hosted and secured by MoonClerk and Stripe. You will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to update your payment information and subscription status in the future.

Subscriptions are intended for a single user. To purchase and manage multiple subscriptions (five or more) for your team or company, contact me directly.

Subscriber Privileges and Benefits

  • Exclusive Analysis. Receive my exclusive daily email containing my analysis and perspective, 100% related to Apple. Each daily update is about 2,000 words and covers everything that I think matters in the world of Apple. A few sample emails can be viewed here, here, and here
  • Priority Email Access. Receive timely responses from me (Neil Cybart) to all email questions and inquiries.
  • Forum Access. Join other Above Avalon subscribers in a forum containing in-depth discussion and debate about Apple. The forum can be accessed here. Subscribers live in 54 countries and hold a diverse range of backgrounds and occupations. I personally moderate and oversee the forum.
  • Archive Access. Read previous daily updates sent to subscribers. The archive can be viewed here.
  • Receive Weekly Articles via Email. Receive weekly Above Avalon articles via email. This feature is only available to subscribers.
  • Above Avalon Support. Play an active role in supporting Above Avalon as an independent source of Apple analysis. Above Avalon is fully sustained by subscriptions. 


I just subscribed. What is my Above Avalon username/password?

Above Avalon subscriptions are unique in that no username or password is required to receive new daily updates after signup. Instead, the updates will be sent directly to your email inbox as they are published. 

What are Daily Updates?

Daily updates are emails available exclusively to Above Avalon subscribers. They are published at 7 a.m. ET Monday through Thursday. These emails represent the cornerstone of Above Avalon subscriptions. Each email is about 2,000 words and includes my analysis and perspective on the most important stories and news impacting Apple. 

Daily updates revolve around the following topics:

  • Apple business and strategy analysis.
  • My Apple earnings and financial estimates.
  • My perspective and observations on current news, Apple competitors, and keynotes/events.

How do I read previous daily updates?

To access the archive, simply fill out this form. You will then receive an email with login information.

Can I read the daily updates in a web browser?

Yes. Each email contains a link at the top that allows it to be viewed in a browser.

Is there a way to receive a week's worth of daily updates in one consolidated email?

If you prefer receiving one consolidated email every Saturday instead of daily emails, go here for more information on receiving the special weekly email. 

What is the Above Avalon subscriber forum?

Above Avalon uses Slack as its subscriber forum. Unlike traditional Internet forums, Slack is an innovative service with great features, notifications, and iOS apps. To join the Above Avalon team in Slack, become a subscriber and then request an invite to the team by going here

How can I update my payment information after signup?

After you become a subscriber, you will receive an email with a link to a payer portal which can be used to update your credit card information at any time. Subscriptions auto renew but can be canceled at any time using the same payer portal. (There are no refunds.) 

Can I change my monthly subscription to an annual subscription?

Yes. Monthly payment receipts contain a link to an automated form that can be filled out to seamlessly convert a monthly subscription to an annual subscription. You can also access the automated form here

How can I have my team or company receive the daily updates? 

Above Avalon subscriptions are intended for a single user. In order to have your team or company (five or more people) receive the daily updates and access the archive and subscriber forum, please contact me directly. A specialized subscription will be made for your team. Group (five or more people) subscription pricing is available. 

Can I gift an Above Avalon subscription to someone? 

Yes. To gift a monthly or annual subscription, simply go through the signup process using your name and email address. Once a subscription has been created, reach out to me with the gift recipient's email address. During the holiday season, Above Avalon Gifts offer additional gifting options and personalization. Check back on November 27th, 2018 for more information on the various gifting options available for 2019.