Apple's New iPad Ad Looked Familiar

Apple's new iPad Air 2 commercial, Change, was released yesterday.

The ad was very similar to the iPhone 5s Dreams ad released four months ago. 

In each ad, Apple is stressing the user's ability to transform software and hardware into a personalized device capable of navigating the world. While a very select group of people will be installing iPads into motorcycle gas tanks, or using iPhones to check a horse's vital signs, the message isn't to make the viewer feel connected to the depicted scenes, but rather to plant the seed that these devices have the potential to be used in ways that computers have never been able to be used for before. 

The interesting part about comparing the two ads is how the new iPhones are able to handle nearly all of the activities depicted in the iPad commercial. In addition, the scenes from the iPhone ad come off as more genuine because everyone will have their iPhone with them, while the iPad as a mobile device is a harder sell (Apple had roughly 60% of the activities shown in the iPad ad depict a mobile use case, which I describe as being used outside a room with four walls). Apple's latest iPad ad is just another piece of evidence that the grey area between a phone and a tablet is disappearing. One big question heading into 2015 will be if a larger iPad Pro will change this dynamic, giving the tablet more differentiated use cases versus the iPhone.