Today's AAPL Orchard daily email went out to 1,002 subscribers. If there is a number worthy of its own post and reflection, I suspect 1,000 would be at the front of the line. My goal in writing AAPL Orchard is to provide a layer of context that sits on top of the Apple news and rumor world.  While I have been quite surprised at how quickly the email has grown, the much bigger success measure has been the diversity found in the subscriber base. Not only do I have substantial representation from Wall Street and academia, but a growing number from the music and film industries, a solid representation from biomedical and mechanical engineering fields, and of course there are those in the technology sector (app developers, investors, VCs, executives, and journalists). Maybe most exciting to me is how despite many people having careers, hobbies, and lifestyles in fields completely unrelated to technology, everyone shares a commonality in wanting to both stay informed and to learn about Apple. It is that drive and demand for useful Apple information that represents the core of AAPL Orchard. 

While I have crafted a particular process to scan and monitor many different content venues throughout the day, I am currently working on building up my ability to find interesting Apple-related content on smaller, independent sites or blogs. Readers have been submitting links/posts, and if you have something that would be enjoyed by AAPL Orchard readers, please keep me in mind. You can submit your story/link via Above Avalon or reply to any of the daily emails. For more information and to subscribe to AAPL Orchard, click here.

I'm excited to see AAPL Orchard grow and look forward to the future.  

- Neil