Three Month Update

Above Avalon has been in existence for three months. I provided an update as to how things were going after the first month, so I figured an update after the first quarter would be appropriate. The primary metric I've been tracking continues to be unique visitors, and I'm quite happy with where things are heading. 

Posts: 68

Unique Visitors:

  • Month 1: 16,528
  • Month 2: 25,464
  • Month 3: 25,324 (1,000/day normal run rate)

While there were 4-5 days that saw an unusually high amount of referral traffic from other sites, 65% of traffic is either direct or from Twitter. There have been a few other sources that have been helpful in spreading the word about the site on nearly a daily basis. Thank you. 


  • Above Avalon Twitter: 1,110
  • RSS: 2,253
  • Podcast RSS: 3,686

I started to add video into the mix and am pleased with the results. I expect to publish more videos in the future. The AAPL Orchard daily email now has 1,400 subscribers and continues to exceed my expectations.  

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If you are reading this, chances are good that you contributed quite a bit to these results, so thank you. As I said during my first month update, a few retweets and link sharing make a difference. I continue to get email and messages from people who only discovered the site from hearing about it from a friend.  My goal with Above Avalon is not only to understand how Apple looks at the world, but also to think differently about the world beyond Apple. My long-term goal is to have many of you join me in this journey, and so far things have exceeded my expectations. Thank you for your early support!