Do You Really Understand Apple?

Person who doesn’t get Apple: 

"Apple is crazy.  How can they tell music streaming apps like Rhapsody that 30% of their revenue belongs to Apple? It is insane. Apple is making the biggest mistake in 10 years. All of these apps will leave the iOS ecosystem. If I am on an airplane and I see someone with an Android tablet and they are enjoying Rhapsody and I don’t have it on my iPad, I am going to buy that Android tablet. Apple is doomed if they move forward with these draconian app store rules." 

Person who gets Apple:  

"Apple is planning on coming out with their own music streaming service so they don’t care one lick about music streaming apps."

(the interaction underlining this post was real and involved two somewhat notorious Apple pundits…I of course paraphrased a few minutes of blabber into these two paragraphs).