You Want iPad 2?

1) You head to your local Apple store.

2) Although you see a queue line outside, you walk in and ask an Apple store employee if they have any iPad 2s? Answer is no. 

3) After walking around aimlessly for 10 minutes, you head outside and get in-line.  You are #14. 

4) After talking with #4, #8, and #12, you realize that this store hasn’t received any iPad 2 shipments for two days.  

5) You start to think that you can be in line for days. You have no chair, little food, and already skipped this morning’s shower.  Your Apple dedication begins to wane. 

6) Apple store employee walks out and says there will be no iPad 2s sold today, but an iPad shipment might arrive tomorrow morning.  Queue line doesn’t seem too upset. Inside, you are torn.  You think, it’s just a stupid big iPod touch.

7) Apple store is now closed. It’s dark and somewhat cold outside.  Queue line is now 30 long.  You wonder if anyone in line has anything else to do.  Your question will go unanswered. 

8) You fall asleep while laying on some gum and leaves. 

9) You wake up with the sun.  Two hours later, an Apple store employee comes out and says they received a limited number of iPad 2s. Numbers will be passed out shortly. 

10) Line is downright giddy. 

11) Apple store employee reaches you and asks which iPad 2 model you want. You say 16GB Black Wi-fi.   The response: “Sorry, we didn’t receive any of those.”  In a moment of desperation you then say 32GB Black Wi-fi.  The response: “Sorry, we didn’t receive any of those either. We do have 64GB White Wi-fi.” You know you don’t want white and you know you don’t need 64GB, but you have waited in line for half a day.  You say okay. You now own one 64GB White Wi-fi iPad 2.

12) You head home and log-on to eBay.  You realize you can make $40-$50 selling your new white iPad 2.

13) Eight hours later, and after a long nap, you head back to your local Apple store (this time with a sleeping bag).

14)  Although you see a line outside the Apple store, you walk in and ask an Apple store employee if they have any available extension cords.  Your Macbook Air only gets 10 hours of battery life and the nearest outside power outlet is near queue line #4. You are now queue line #18.