Above Avalon Episode 21: Apple's M&A Strategy

A look into Apple's M&A strategy and why big acquisitions aren't in Apple's DNA. Additional topics include Apple's LinX acquisition, Lisa Jackson's post about partnering with The Conservation Fund to buy forests, and why Apple doesn't need $178 billion of cash to change the world. The episode concludes with a theory about how to tell if Apple's culture is changing. 

Show Notes:

Large M&A Is Not in Apple's DNA: Case Study of Why Apple Won't Buy Tesla - Above Avalon

Apple Buys Israeli Camera-Technology Company LinX - WSJ

Betting Big on the Camera - Above Avalon

Why Apple Is Permanently Protecting Working Forests - Medium 

Apple Grows Its Own Solar Farms in China - WSJ

Apple doesn't need $178 billion of cash to change the world - iMore

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