Above Avalon Episode 60: The Car's "iPhone" Moment

This episode is focused on rethinking the car. We begin by looking at how Apple positioned the iPhone to change our perception of the phone. This helps us discover what will be the auto industry's "iPhone" moment, or idea that leads us to think about the car differently. After discussing electric cars, autonomous driving and smart dashboards, we go over why rethinking the car seat ends up being the secret to rethinking the car. If we begin to think of a car as a personalized room on wheels instead of simply a box on wheels, our definition of a car will change. We conclude by looking at the competitive landscape to see who is best positioned to capitalize on this transformation. More information on Above Avalon memberships can be found at AboveAvalon.com/membership.

Show Notes:

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The Car's "iPhone" Moment  - Above Avalon

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