Above Avalon Episode 69: Apple's Music Ambitions

Apple's ambition in music continues to be misunderstood. In episode 69, we look at Apple's overall plan to own the entire music industry. We begin with a brief history of Apple's involvement in music over the past 15 years in order to understand management's current motivation. The episode then goes over the four steps required to grab mindshare in the music industry in order to eventually be in a position of power. Apple will look to leverage its balance sheet to capture music streaming revenue share. We then discuss some of the headwinds and risks Apple faces with music, and this is followed by a brief discussion of why Apple is so interested in music in the first place. More information on Above Avalon memberships can be found at AboveAvalon.com/membership.

Show Notes:

Apple's Plan to Own the Entire Music Industry - Above Avalon

Why Apple Even Bothers with Music, Spotify Is Moving the Goalposts - Above Avalon (daily update sent to Above Avalon members)

More information on Above Avalon memberships - Above Avalon

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