Above Avalon Episode 71: Apple's Earnings Surprise

In this special edition episode, we discuss the primary theme from Apple's 3Q16 earnings. Even though Apple reported its weakest quarter in 15 years, AAPL shares increased as the company beat Wall Street expectations. Upon closer examination, it would appear that this expectations surprise had more to do with near-term results than 2017 trends. We then look at the iPhone business with a focus on the company's channel inventory drawdown and 4Q revenue guidance to reach a deeper understanding of how Apple management may be navigating Wall Street's expectations. More information on Above Avalon memberships can be found at AboveAvalon.com/membership.

Show Notes:

Above Avalon Episode 70: The Wall Street Expectations Game

iPhone Warning Signs

Apple 3Q16 Earnings Review: Major Themes

Apple 3Q16 Earnings Review: Details

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