Above Avalon Episode 89: The iPad Asterisk

In episode 89, we take a deep dive into one of the major themes found in Apple's 1Q17 earnings report. Apple's reported iPad sales number was quite weak, leading some to make assumptions about the product's fundamentals. We go over the results, including all of the moving pieces behind the scenes. The discussion also includes a broader reflection on the iPad's seventh anniversary and its place within Apple's changing product line. The episode concludes with a look at whether or not 1Q17 results changed my overall view that the iPad business has already turned the corner and is continuing to stabilize. To become an Above Avalon member, visit AboveAvalon.com/membership.      

Show Notes:

Above Avalon Episode 72: Let's Talk iPad

Steve Jobs Introduces Original Video 

iPad Introduction Video 

Apple 1Q17 Earnings Review: Major Themes 

Apple 1Q17 Earnings Review: Details

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