Above Avalon Episode 97: Apple Wearables Are a Thing

In episode 97, we discuss one of the major themes from Apple's 2Q17 earnings report. There were a number of interesting observations found in the "Other Products" line item. In particular, Apple wearables (Apple Watch, AirPods, Beats headphones) sold quite well. After going over the methodology I used to derive 2Q17 Apple Watch and AirPods unit sales, we discuss the best way to put Apple wearables sales into context. It turns out Apple wearables outsold iPhone over the first two years on the market. We also discuss why the wearables discussion should be about more than just Apple Watch and the impact a wearables platform will have on adoption trends. The episode concludes with some thoughts on Apple wearables sales over the upcoming year. Receive my analysis and perspective on Apple throughout the week via exclusive daily emails. To sign up, visit AboveAvalon.com/membership.    

Show Notes:

Apple Wearables Sales Outpacing iPhone out of the Gate (weekly article)

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The Curious State of Apple Product Pricing (weekly article)

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