Above Avalon Reports

Reports are in-depth examinations into Apple.

Each report is 4,000 to 5,000 words and focused on one topic.

Reports include a mix of data, analysis, and theory. Designed to have a long shelf life and to be used as reference in the future, reports are living documents that receive periodic updates. Reports are published quarterly (four times per year).

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Product Vision: How Apple Thinks About the World. A comprehensive examination of Apple’s product strategy and the vision underlying the company’s products.

Apple and Dividends: A Deep Dive into Apple’s Cash Dividend Strategy. A close examination of Apple’s dividend strategy. Topics include Apple’s evolution in terns of managing cash on the balance sheet, the rationale for paying cash dividends, details regarding how Apple thinks about dividends, benefits and risks found with cash dividends, Apple’s share buyback’s impact on dividend, and scenario analysis regarding Apple’s future dividend path.

Apple’s Leadership Structure Under Tim Cook and Jony Ive. A deep dive into how Apple is led. Topics include profiles of the most powerful people within Apple, exhibits depicting Apple’s leadership structure, the history behind Apple’s leadership structure, positives and negatives associated with the structure, succession planning, and my thoughts on where Apple’s leadership goes from here.