Taylor Swift is Backing Herself Into a Corner, Calculating Apple Watch Band Profit, Apple's Cash Dilemma

Today's Above Avalon stories:

  • Taylor Swift is Backing Herself Into a Corner
  • Calculating Apple Watch Band Profit
  • Apple's Cash Dilemma (Why Not Just Pay the Tax?)

It's a new week and things are starting off busy. We first discuss the Taylor Swift vs. Apple battle over Apple Music's 3 month trial period. While Taylor Swift appeared to win, she may actually be backing herself into a corner. Next, we take a closer look at a recent Reuters article which suggests Apple Watch bands are providing quite a bit of profit to Apple, which I have my doubts is true. We conclude with a director's cut of my recent "Apple's Cash Dilemma" piece and why just paying tax on foreign cash and bringing excess cash to the U.S. isn't the best option.

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