Thoughts on Alphabet, Finding iPad's Future, U.S. Watch Sales Collapsed in June

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Thoughts on Alphabet  - We discuss two primary takeaways from yesterday's big announcement from Larry Page, as well as the primary implications this reorganization may have on Apple. 
  • Finding iPad's Future ("Director's Cut") - I discuss a bit of background as to how I've thought about the iPad and why change is needed. 
  • U.S. Watch Sales Collapsed in June - NPD reported that watch unit sales were down 14% from 2014. We take a closer look at the numbers, including Apple and Fitbit's recent earnings, to come to a few conclusions on what may be happening. 

Google added a bit of excitement to the news cycle yesterday afternoon by announcing a major reorganization. I have a few observations on the move, including two main takeaways on the new structure and what it may mean for Apple. We next shift over to a director's cut of my most recent Above Avalon post "Finding iPad's Future," including why the iPad has been bothering me the past few years. We conclude by going over interesting news from NPD saying that U.S. watch sales collapsed in June. A closer look may help reveal what is going on in the "wrist wearable" space. 

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