Apple Music Family Membership Strength, Jimmy Iovine on Curation, Cable's Problem

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Apple Music Family Membership Strength - Eddy Cue's comments on Apple Music membership numbers suggest family plans will indeed be a leading factor giving the service life. 
  • Jimmy Iovine on Curation - When music streaming is a commodity, you need to offer something else if you want people to attach greater value to it. 
  • Cable's Problem - I'm increasingly starting to doubt people know what they want when thinking about the future of television. 

We kick things off with two stories on Apple Music. Apple released Apple Music subscriber numbers and while they are close to what we heard two weeks ago, there are are some interesting developments when looking at the number of family plans. We then go over Jimmy Iovine's comments about Apple Music, human curation, and where TV is going wrong. We conclude with a look at what I think is cable's biggest problem and what the record-breaking ratings from last week's Republican presidential primary debate told me about cable in 2015.

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