iPhone Upgrade Cycle and Growth Estimate, Fitbit Earnings, Thursday Q&A

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Calculating the iPhone Upgrade Cycle to Reach 2016 iPhone Growth  - We discuss the variables used to obtain the length of the iPhone upgrade cycle and then how to take this information to reach an iPhone growth estimate for 2016.
  • Fitbit Earnings - Observations and perspective on Fitbit's quarterly results and what it may mean for Apple and Apple Watch. 
  • Thursday Q&A - Each Thursday, I highlight a question or two from members. This week's question: "Can Apple's buyback program affect the stock price slide?"

We continue our series of stories taking a closer look at the iPhone business. Today, we calculate the length of the iPhone upgrade cycle and then use those calculations to reach our estimates for 2016 iPhone sales growth. Next, we shift over to Fitbit earnings. I consider the company to be an interesting peer to Apple that will be useful for analyzing when considering Apple Watch and Apple's interest in health and fitness. We conclude with Thursday Q&A and a question about AAPL share buyback and the impact on an AAPL price drop.

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