Apple's September Event: Thoughts and Observations

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  • Apple's September Event: Thoughts and Observations

Apple’s keynote certainly lived up to expectations with a great deal of information packed into a roughly two-hour presentation. Many of the themes presented yesterday matched very closely with what we have been discussing over the past few months. At the same time, I do think there were plenty of new insights that will help cultivate new perspectives on a number of topics.
I consider today’s email to be the start of a discussion that will transpire over a number of weeks and months. There really is that much to talk about. I wanted to focus today’s email on my list of notes and initial observations from the event as they are still fresh in my mind. We will continue this discussion next week.


  • Summary
  • The Venue
  • Attending the Keynote In-Person
  • The Presentation
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV
  • Full Notes

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