Apple Music Partners with Dubset Media, Monetizing EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Remixes/Mixes, SoundCloud Suffers Big Blow

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Apple Music Partners with Dubset Media
  • Monetizing EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Remixes/Mixes
  • SoundCloud Suffers Big Blow

Today's email has a music theme. We begin by going over the Apple Music/Dubset Media partnership announced yesterday. This is one of the bigger developments related to Apple Music since the service was launched last year. The key to this deal is understanding EDM (electronic dance music). We go over both EDM and implications from the partnership. We then discuss how Dubset Media plans to monetize DJ remixes/mixes on Apple Music and why that matters to music streaming. The email concludes with a closer look at SoundCloud, including my views on the company, thoughts on Apple & SoundCloud M&A suggestions, and why the Apple/Dubset Media partnership is a negative development for SoundCloud.

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