No Signs of iPhone Tick-Tock Cycle, Apple's First Original TV Series, Trying to Transplant Apple Culture Outside Apple

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • No Signs of iPhone Tick-Tock Cycle
  • Apple's First Original TV Series
  • Trying to Transplant Apple Culture Outside Apple

We begin today's email by discussing the latest round of iPhone rumors and the fact that there are very few signs of the iPhone tick-tock cycle where a major design update every other year is followed by refinements in the 'S' years. After circling back to my "The Pixar iPhone" article where I theorized the iPhone tick-tock cycle died years ago, we go over two important implications related to an iPhone line that no longer follows the tick-tock "S" cycle. Next, we shift to reports of Apple developing its first original TV series. This builds off our email from Thursday where we discussed Apple quietly building a video streaming service. Today's email concludes with a look at Tony Fadell/Nest serving as the latest example of a former Apple executive trying to recreate the Apple culture outside of Apple. We look at why this is actually an impossible feat.  

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