Apple In Talks to Invest in McLaren, Where Things Stand with Project Titan, Thursday Q&A

Today's Above Avalon stories: 

  • Apple In Talks to Invest in McLaren
  • Where Things Stand with Project Titan
  • Thursday Q&A

We begin today's update with a deep dive into the topic of Apple looking to invest in McLaren, the British car company. After going over McLaren in detail, I share my perspective on why Apple would be interested in partnering with McLaren for Project Titan. The email then turns to an overview of where Project Titan stands today. There have been a number of developments including management changes, internal reorganization, and layoffs. We go over my five key takeaways about Project Titan, including where I think Apple's strategy is changing. We end the email with this week's installment of member Q&A where I answer the following question from an Above Avalon member: Is something amiss in Apple Retail considering the botched Apple Watch launch and iPhone Upgrade Program issues? 

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